Current and Past Chairs of ESRA in this millenium
Marko Čepin
Terje Aven
 Enrico Zio
Ioannis A. Papazoglou
 Carlos Guedes Soares
Jean-Pierre Signoret 
2018 -             2014 - 2018   2010 - 2014   2005 - 2010   2001 - 2005   1999 - 2001 
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ESREL 2021



31st European Safety and Reliability Conference |
19-23 September 2021, Angers, France


ESREL 2021 webpage



ESRA has a new Technical Committee

Decision Making under Uncertainty


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Recorded webinars

Recorded webinars:


- Humans and Risk, Reliability, Resilience Models

   by senior scientist Dr. Luca Podofillini, 29 November 2017


- A tutorial on global sensitivity analysis for risk and reliability modelling

   by Professor Emanuele Borgonovo, 11 May 2017


- Alternative approaches to the treatment of epistemic uncertainties in risk assessment

   by Professor Michael Beer, 2 November 2016


- Challenges and opportunities in reliability engineering: the big KID (Knowledge,

   Information and Data) 

   by Professor Enrico Zio, 14 June 2016


- What is risk?

   by Professor Terje Aven, 17 March 2016


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