Decision Making under Uncertainty 

Making wise decisions is a challenge of mankind, particularly in the presence of uncertainties
with high risk potentials. Different risk perspectives are difficult to grasp by a single risk
analyst because of their complexity and connection to other field-specific assessment
domains, e.g. in engineering, health, psychology and economy. As a prominent example, the
current pandemic demonstrates the difficulties of taking appropriate measures balancing the
impact on public health and economy. Similar problem constellations in reliability and
resilience exist for a variety of technical systems and complex processes.
This Technical Committee aims at bringing together specialists and researchers worldwide
who are contributing to improving the process of decision making under uncertainty with a
focus on - but not limited to – reliability, safety and security, and scenarios characterized by
severe uncertainties where resilience may be of paramount importance to risk mitigation.
Because of their fundamental technical importance to the functioning of modern networked
and interdependent societies, critical infrastructures are of particular interest in this context.
As a central aspect, the presence and influence of uncertainties shall be accounted for across
all the considered domains to enable a representation of the impact of uncertainties from all
fields and on all scales, on the overall risk evaluation.
The efforts of the committee shall thereby contribute to a more educated and better decision
making in risk management in the presence of uncertainty.

Kai-Dietrich Wolf,
Enrico Zio,